Rime Ice

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Wisconsin countryside covered in hoarfrost

For many of us, winter is a time of shutting in and shutting down. Of enjoying only those things that can be held within the comfort of our walls, while surrounded by heat and a golden tungsten (or, in many cases these days, LED) glow. But if we’re lucky (and already, so soon into 2021, we have been), nature reminds us that even in the depth of winter, there is beauty to be explored.

Finally, More Snow | Williams Bay, WI

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Piers in the Winter

I only had a few spare moments in between unpacking and meetings to wander in the white fluff that covered the Bay this afternoon, but, I am so grateful that I did! Every time I step foot into nature or trek around this side of Geneva Lake, I’m truly taken by its beauty. Even in nearly white-out conditions, the stark quiet grants the type of peace that leaves you with a feeling of hope. And hope has been plentiful today. […]

Windy City Wandering

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I spent a little bit of time downtown near the magnificent mile yesterday evening, focused on capturing a few images of Water Tower Place and the surrounding area.  Despite the cold, it was a lovely night to be out on the streets of Chicago.  As Oyster.com is in the midst of testing freelancers, there were plenty of other photographers around, which is always nice, and I ran into a few people outside of polling stations who managed to stay in […]

A Winter Engagement | Anna and Shawn

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Geneva, IL Engagement Session, Island Park

Kind hearts and carefree spirits.  Anna and Shawn are the type of couple you meet and instantly want to call your friends.  They are warm, outgoing, and quick to laugh.  From the moment we met in person, I knew their marriage would be a long and happy one. We began our session together at Á Salute Lounge & Grill, in St. Charles, IL, where Shawn proposed to Anna in November.  Shawn teamed up with Á Salute to play a video montage on their […]

A Little Bit of Magic | Nature Photography

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For quite some time, I’ve felt just a bit disconnected from the part of myself that believes in the wonder. This has been strange, as I’ve always been a bit of a wild child at heart. My nickname in high school was Hippi. I grew up in the country, and spent just as much time looking for traces of faeries and unicorns as I did climbing trees. The world was so clearly beautiful to me in my youth, and I’ve […]