Rime Ice

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Wisconsin countryside covered in hoarfrost

For many of us, winter is a time of shutting in and shutting down. Of enjoying only those things that can be held within the comfort of our walls, while surrounded by heat and a golden tungsten (or, in many cases these days, LED) glow. But if we’re lucky (and already, so soon into 2021, we have been), nature reminds us that even in the depth of winter, there is beauty to be explored.

BossBabes Shoot Around | Personal Branding | Williams Bay, WI

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Photography Personal Branding by BlueVerve Studio

In my last post, I mentioned one of my favorite local female photographers, Elyse Bullard. Each time Elyse and I work together, I can count on two things — great photographs, and total willingness to get goofy and creative in order to make them. In fact, one of the things I most appreciate about Elyse is how willing she is to take the time to get out and shoot around, just for the sake of her love of photography. As […]

Wandering With Friends | Lifestyle Photography

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When I’m not out photographing clients, editing photos, or writing, I’m often outdoors, enjoying nature’s brilliance. From time to time, I do so with my camera in tow. (Okay, most times I have my camera in tow.) And while I thoroughly enjoy solitude and focus quite a bit of energy on nature photography, walking around outside in the company of good friends is more than enough to make my day. This past Sunday encompassed just that. Two good friends and I took […]

A Little Bit of Magic | Nature Photography

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For quite some time, I’ve felt just a bit disconnected from the part of myself that believes in the wonder. This has been strange, as I’ve always been a bit of a wild child at heart. My nickname in high school was Hippi. I grew up in the country, and spent just as much time looking for traces of faeries and unicorns as I did climbing trees. The world was so clearly beautiful to me in my youth, and I’ve […]

Fall Portrait Sessions: How to Choose the Right Photographer for You

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TylerFall2014 Lisle, IL Photographer

Have you been thinking of having family photos taken this fall?  Or maybe a personal portrait session to update your image? Well, you’re right – autumn is the perfect time of year for photography sessions.  Here in the Midwest, these mid October days are full of beautiful scenery, vibrant colors, and the last of that gorgeous golden light we all find ourselves craving once winter sets in.  On top of that, taking the time to have your portraits taken now means […]

Back to Nature

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For a good portion of my childhood, I lived in rural Wisconsin.  Our family home was on 40 acres of land, and my formative years were spent picking apples, climbing trees, and running through fields.  Since moving down to the Chicago suburbs in 2004, the one thing that’s kept me connected to those wild roots are the beautiful forest preserves in Cook and the surrounding counties. In early October, I look forward to participating in the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature […]

Struck by Lightning

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This evening I ventured out to find a few props for an upcoming photo shoot.  I managed to make it all the way to and inside of my local Goodwill before the skies opened up in a torrential rain.  However, luck was not with me when it came time to leave.  As I ran to my car, I attempted to dodge raindrops, but quickly discovered that to be a tough task when the raindrops turned out to be more akin to […]