Kristen + Luke | Horticultural Hall | Lake Geneva Summer Wedding

When Kristen and Luke first met, she played hard to get. And when you meet the two of them in person, it’s easy to see how even now, that playful nature is still at the core of their relationship. 

Theirs is a bond highlighted by love, laughter, and hard work. They’ve rehabbed homes together, worked side by side, and still manage to make each other smile over the little things in life. So, it’s no surprise that their beautiful June wedding day was filled with all sorts of genuine laughter, goofy attitudes, and heartfelt affection.

Kristen was, of course, stunning.  

Bridal Portrait

And the reveal to her dad was such a wonderful moment! 

Father of the Bride
Father of the bride

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of Lake Geneva’s Horticultural Hall, which is verdant and lovely in early June. 

Surrounded by family and friends from across the country, Kristen and Luke spent the afternoon catching up with loved ones and celebrating. 

Of course, we took a little bit of time to sneak over to the docks of Lake Geneva Cruise Line in downtown Lake Geneva for romantics.

Then headed back to cut the cake and get the happy couple on the dancefloor!

It was a joyful start to the rest of Kristin and Luke’s lives together, and we’re so glad we were able to capture it for them!




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