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Wed in the Woods | Wisconsin Elopement Photographer

Believe it or not, November in Wisconsin is a wonderful time for an elopement — and creativity! Drawing on late harvest inspiration and some luxurious north-woods atmosphere, Andy and I pulled this styled adventure elopement together in a little less than a weekend. 

With the help of our friends Steph and Amy of Forget Me Not Flower Market in Walworth, WI, and the small treasure trove of props and decor we have available here at BlueVerve Studio, everything came together in a splendidly rich array of almost renaissance-esque color. From ornate platters to gorgeously gold-covered foliage (thanks to Steph and Amy), we were able to play with gorgeous textures and tones that hinted at the upcoming holiday season without deterring from a classic, timeless aesthetic. 

Kristina and John, married this past summer in the Lake Geneva area, jumped in front of the camera for us. And, of course, Kristina made for a beautiful, non-traditional bride in a stunning green dress (but not a real green dress, that’s cruel).

As a couple, these two are equal parts playful, charming, and down to earth. Their chemistry lit up our lenses, and probably kept them warmer than they would have been otherwise on the 40(F) degree evening. 

For all of our elopements, we tend to recommend locations that are fairly secluded, offer unique visual elements, and draw the eye around the frame. We look for stunning vistas, quiet creeksides, deep woods with leading lines, or whatever atmosphere best fits your personal style. 

Styled shoots are no different – when we work with other vendors that have a specific product or experience to feature, we like to highlight it via location and image type.

This particular shoot was all about us flexing our creative muscles from a staging standpoint at the end of a busy wedding season. 

It was also about Andy and I flexing our physical muscles. Hauling all of our props out to the middle of a cross-country ski trail amidst half-frozen mud was a hefty task. We were both a little breathless, and I’m pretty sure I still owe Andy at least two more backrubs for this one.

…I think it was worth it though. 😉

Of course, we had to enjoy a little bubbly!

I’m pretty sure that was the highlight of John’s evening…

Other than keeping Kristina warm and making her giggle, that is. 

Our favorite part of working with couples is discovering their natural dynamic together. We always want you to let your guard down with us. 

Don’t worry about being awkward. 

Don’t worry about posing yourselves.

We truly encourage our couples not to think about much of anything other than enjoying each other, and treat your elopement or portrait session as a date night. By the time your date comes around, we’ll have already discussed wardrobe, plans, etc. so you can simply show up and enjoy.

Your elopement, your portraits, even your wedding day, should ultimately always be about the two of you. Your bond, where life has lead you, and how much you care for one another.

Be your goofy selves, let your love be real, and let us do the rest.

If you’d like to book an adventure elopement with us, either in Wisconsin (our favorite locations include the Lake Geneva area, Madeline Island and the Apostle Islands area, Black River Falls, and more), or elsewhere in the world (especially Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, and Arizona), we’re happy to travel, offer location scouting, ceremony planning, and styling services. We also offer great all-inclusive packages for couples looking for a one-stop shop that include an ordained officiant, photography, videography, and floral services. You can find more details here

Let me know what you think of this styled elopement in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, much love!



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