Love and Academia | UW Madison Engagement Session

Romantic engagement session

From the very first time we spoke, Anna and I definitely hit it off. And I have to say, one of the most beautiful parts of photographing weddings, for me, has been getting to know our brides, seeing the amazing women that they are, and then meeting (usually a little later), their other half. It’s like putting together a puzzle, and finally watching the full picture unfold, right before your eyes.

With Anna and Jon, it has always been a bit about academia. They’re both wildly intellectual individuals, with kind hearts, and playful personalities. And while they may have been just a little nervous to be in front of the camera, their natural instinct to support and comfort one another quickly turned their session into a cozy, snuggle and laughter filled afternoon.

Anna+Jon Engagement Sesh

Personally, I like to take our time during an engagement session to gauge how comfortable a couple actually is together. There’s no judgement here, whatsoever. I’m simply getting a feel for how to pose you on your wedding day, whether you have a naturally physically intimate bond, or if you’re a bit more formal and poised. 

The funny thing is, a lot of our couples who fear possibly being a tad awkward in front of the camera, turn out to actually be the most natural. The biggest key is simply being present in the moment with your significant other. There are no mistakes, nothing to be done wrong – only time spent with the person you love.

Relax into that, and let me do the rest.

We’ll work on dips, try different poses, laugh about all sorts of random things, and celebrate how genuinely awesome it is that the two of you found each other in this wild world.

Romantic Engagement Session

Since Anna and Jon met and both work within the realms of higher education, we really enjoyed walking around the UW Madison campus. They both spent time here in school, although not during the same timeframe, so our afternoon mixed both nostalgia and a teensy sense of time travel. 

Or, so, I like to think. 

They’re also one of those lovely classic couples who are both vintage and timeless simultaneously. 

Charming Vintage Academia Engagement Session
Golden Hour Vintage Academia Engagement Session

They’re also delightful goofballs, and we had a lovely time soaking up the sun and generally trying to pretend that the 90 degree August afternoon wasn’t making us quite as loopy as it probably was in all actuality.

That evening, as I drove home, a massive line of thunderstorms paralleled my journey all the way back to Lake Geneva. And while I had an equally massive headache from the barometric pressure, I didn’t much mind. I was riding high from the enjoyment of spending the afternoon capturing Anna and Jon’s love – imagining how absolutely delightful their big day will be next April!



As always, thanks for reading. 

And, get ready — there are many great memories from 2021 headed your way! (Yes, that does mean I’m finally catching up on blogs…)

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  1. I LOVE reading your blogs and seeing that your business is taking off. And, that you have a business partner!!! That wild and crazy guy of yours!!! Sending you love and hugs and a most joyous holiday season.

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