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Network of Inspiration: BossBabes | Lake Geneva, WI Area

The Lake Geneva, WI area is filled with beauty. LG proper and the surrounding towns boast the sort of picturesque landscapes that make the Midwest so iconic – rolling hills, quaint farmland, and freshwater lakes rife with wildlife. It’s no wonder families travel from all over the Midwest to vacation and live in this friendly little haven.

Natural features and iconic landscapes are only a part of the story here, however. Just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border, lies a burgeoning creative community — of hyper-talented, super motivated, and always inspiring #BossBabes.

Love Lake Geneva, WI

Upon moving to Lake Geneva back in early 2016, I’ll admit, I was a tad intimidated.

Moving to a new locale as a creative entrepreneur can be daunting, and I was hauling my photography studio across state lines, between 1-2 hours away from the majority of my client base. Where would it lead? And how the heck would I fit in amongst the area’s already saturated market of photographers and creatives?

What I discovered, almost immediately, is that the group of women running photography businesses in the area (and the incredible network of wedding vendors, and small business owners) are divinely supportive, and some of the kindest, most genuine folks around.

Right away, I was able to meet my #womancrush, Kristina Lorraine, who was quick with advice, and a truly approachable attitude. Next, I had the fortune of connecting with ultra-talented super-coordinator/photographer Elyse Bullard, whom I know I can always count on to get inventive and innovative with me — even when it leads to wild places! 😉


Elyse and I during a photo shoot with Geneva Cruise Lines in Lake Geneva

Finally, I hooked up with Cassandra, Dee, Marcy, Abby, Julie, and the incredible team of C.Mae Design. I became part of their team during the 2016 wedding season and had a blast photographing some wonderful couples. Even though I’ve moved forward exclusively with my studio now in 2017, these ladies still inspire me regularly.

C.Mae Design Team 2016
Our friends over at C.Mae Design – I was part of their team in 2016, and am so grateful for the experience.

Anna Urban and Sonya Kammes are on the scene here too, and I can’t wait for our next group chat because I’m crushing hard on their photography styles. Sonya, I can’t wait to see what you do to rock Senior Sessions next year! 🙂 And Anna, your newborn portraits are positively inspired!

Truthfully, I think we all push each other, but in the healthiest ways. We’re all committed to growing, to becoming our best selves personally and offering the best services available professionally. After two years here in the Lake Geneva area (I’m based out of Walworth these days), I’m so grateful for these ladies.

Of course, I can’t take credit for kicking off this stream of gratitude – Kristina and Elyse deserve the hat tip for that.
I just happen to think it’s a trend worth continuing. We can always stand to have more love floating around.

It will be an exciting year in 2018 — and hopefully, we’ll find plenty of excuses to schedule more shared creative projects. I’ll be throwing down some photography challenges in the new year, and can’t wait to share them with you all. I hope I can count on you to join in when your schedules allow! And most of all, thank you all for embracing a community of support! The strongest women lift each other up. <3

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