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Williams Bay | Spring Engagement Session | Kristin and Mike

It all started with an Oreo. And when it comes to love stories, there are few better ways to begin than that.

Mike met Dan in college, over guitars and Yellowcard. And when Dan introduced Mike to his sister, Kristin, who happened to be enjoying some flavored Oreos at the time, it was intrigue at first sight, and the birth of an inside joke. A few Facebook messages later, and the two were hanging out, playing games and eating pizza — beginning a bond that would blossom into the sort of love you can’t help but want to be around.



It was a warm, windy day, when Kristin, Mike, and I took to Williams Bay for their engagement session. The late afternoon heat surprised us all, but despite a little more sun than expected, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.


These two love birds are adventuresome, and as we walked through Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy, they recounted their recent trips up north, forays into poison ivy, and the joys of fishing together. Kristin and Mike are both extremely passionate about their work, and luckily so, as these two kind souls make the world a better place each day through social work, teaching, and coaching.



Of course I had to give Mike kudos for Kristin’s gorgeous engagement ring.


In celebration of the big day to come, Mike practiced dipping Kristin, after we talked about their first dance plans — I’ve still got my fingers crossed for some Modest Mouse!


Then we took things to the next level, attempting their very first piggy back ride together. Personally, I’d say they nailed it.


The beautiful afternoon sunlight was toasty, so we sought the relief of a nearby shady lane. The forest path offered us the perfect setting to relax and joke amidst wildflowers.


What is love if not a playful push and pull?


Sometimes, when couples share deep love and respect you see it in their smiles. You see it in their joy, in their laughter, and the way they lean back and forth through the hardships of life.


When love is true like that, it doesn’t need words.


In the sunshine and the late spring breeze we made our way to Geneva Lake, catching a few quick shots of the evening’s wild clouds before Kristin and Mike headed off to a dinner date.


A little windblown, but thoroughly happy, these two wowed me with one last epic dip to end our session. I’m officially crowning them my Dip Masters.


In patience, kindness, and laughter may you walk, always, Kristin and Mike.

Thank you so much for the honor of being your photographer — it’s couples like you that make my job incredible. I cannot wait for your wedding day!



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