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Finally, More Snow | Williams Bay, WI

I only had a few spare moments in between unpacking and meetings to wander in the white fluff that covered the Bay this afternoon, but, I am so grateful that I did! Every time I step foot into nature or trek around this side of Geneva Lake, I’m truly taken by its beauty.

Piers in the snow beside Geneva Lake, Williams Bay, WI

Williams Bay, WI, in the winter

Even in nearly white-out conditions, the stark quiet grants the type of peace that leaves you with a feeling of hope.

First Monday in Williams Bay, WI

And hope has been plentiful today. Hope, excitement, nostalgia, and most of all, a sense of contentment and place.

Today marks a new beginning. Today, I sipped coffee, enjoying the view in my #newstudio here in Williams Bay, WI.

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had a dedicated studio space for photography and artwork, and while I’ve made it work surprisingly well without the space (you can read more about that journey soon over at @itscutebutno), creatively it’s definitely felt like something was missing.

Now, in this new studio, I’m hoping to create a space of community, inspiration, and ease. A place where art and creativity lead to happiness, fulfillment, and maybe even healing. A place where we can play, and surprise each other.

Snowflakes on Plant, Williams Bay, WI

There’s always something beautiful about the start of a new year. The turning of the tide that occurs as January forces us all inside — inside our homes, inside of our creative beings. We have the opportunity to seek out hidden gems beneath old growth, to rediscover what’s within, and to shed the withered shells that no longer serve whom we’ve become.

On snowy days like today, fresh starts seem possible around every corner. Each snowflake is a reminder of the unique beauty we all bring to the universe. And yes, although I love the movie Fight Club, I do think you’re a unique snowflake. #dealwithit 😉

Snowflakes at Kishwauketoe

I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity to run my studio next to one of my favorite places in the area. Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy has given way to beautiful images, inspiring walks, and warm conversation time and time again, and now, I find it in my backyard.

I’m also grateful for the wealth of new friends and creatives in the area who are excited to collaborate, explore, and work/play together on a variety of projects. We’re going to make some magic. 🙂

Piers in the Winter

Just like the piers that lay strewn around the lake during the winter, this year, it seems, is filled with potential. While they bide their time, weathering the cold, hibernating beneath the snow, I’m here building. Our doors will open soon, and just as the sun will warm the lake, I suspect this year, and this space, will warm my heart and creativity in ways I’ve yet to imagine.

Can’t wait to share the updates with you all as they unfold. For now, Andy and I unpack and settle in, readying ourselves for this great new adventure.

Hugs and High Fives!



P.S. A special thanks to all of the wonderful people who have helped make this happen, but especially, you, Andy. Your patience and support always mean the world to me.

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