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Don't Take My Advice

The Podcast

Things are about to get honest.  And weird.  And hopefully, hilarious.

This is the place where real people and experts alike (because even us real people are experts in our own experiences), come together to discuss relationships.

Not just standard dynamics, or the fairytale norms some of us may have been raised to consider – we’re talking the raw, awkward, out-of-the-box, honest stuff that makes each of our bonds unique and totally worth loving. 

We’re also here to learn about how to grow both individually, and within our realationships. How to evolve, and hopefully share that journey with our partners. And, what happens when we don’t.

This is a space for the bigger picture, where hopefully your views will be challenged, your insecurities will be disolved, and you’ll be able to laugh a whole lot along the way. 

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