Rime Ice

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Wisconsin countryside covered in hoarfrost

For many of us, winter is a time of shutting in and shutting down. Of enjoying only those things that can be held within the comfort of our walls, while surrounded by heat and a golden tungsten (or, in many cases these days, LED) glow. But if we’re lucky (and already, so soon into 2021, we have been), nature reminds us that even in the depth of winter, there is beauty to be explored.

All The Small Things

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Hobbes, Snuggles with Plant

While the world pauses, waiting for what might unfold next, many of us find ourselves steeped in the familiar. Stranded in the places we’ve made our own — our castles, our keeps, our hovels, our homes…

Finally, More Snow | Williams Bay, WI

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Piers in the Winter

I only had a few spare moments in between unpacking and meetings to wander in the white fluff that covered the Bay this afternoon, but, I am so grateful that I did! Every time I step foot into nature or trek around this side of Geneva Lake, I’m truly taken by its beauty. Even in nearly white-out conditions, the stark quiet grants the type of peace that leaves you with a feeling of hope. And hope has been plentiful today. […]

BossBabes Shoot Around | Personal Branding | Williams Bay, WI

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Photography Personal Branding by BlueVerve Studio

In my last post, I mentioned one of my favorite local female photographers, Elyse Bullard. Each time Elyse and I work together, I can count on two things — great photographs, and total willingness to get goofy and creative in order to make them. In fact, one of the things I most appreciate about Elyse is how willing she is to take the time to get out and shoot around, just for the sake of her love of photography. As […]

Network of Inspiration: BossBabes | Lake Geneva, WI Area

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The Lake Geneva, WI area is filled with beauty. LG proper and the surrounding towns boast the sort of picturesque landscapes that make the Midwest so iconic – rolling hills, quaint farmland, and freshwater lakes rife with wildlife. It’s no wonder families travel from all over the Midwest to vacation and live in this friendly little haven. Natural features and iconic landscapes are only a part of the story here, however. Just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border, lies a burgeoning creative […]

Headshots And Branding Are Crucial

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Jen Schildgen, Portrait Photographer, BlueVerve Studio

Those of you who know me or follow along regularly here at BlueVerve Studio probably know that in addition to photography, I still do a lot of work as an artist, both in the digital and traditional sense. One of the services I offer as an artist is web design, and without a doubt, one of the most crucial aspects of web design and online presence these days is branding with imagery. Whether you’re an individual providing a service, a […]

Wandering With Friends | Lifestyle Photography

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When I’m not out photographing clients, editing photos, or writing, I’m often outdoors, enjoying nature’s brilliance. From time to time, I do so with my camera in tow. (Okay, most times I have my camera in tow.) And while I thoroughly enjoy solitude and focus quite a bit of energy on nature photography, walking around outside in the company of good friends is more than enough to make my day. This past Sunday encompassed just that. Two good friends and I took […]

Lifestyle Portraits

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Father and Son Lifestyle Portraits

Many new clients are curious about lifestyle portraits, and what differences there are between this more documentary style of photography and traditional portraiture.  Some of you know the difference and have clear views on what works for you – you either want polished and posed, or more relaxed and candid.  And really, that’s what the difference comes down to.  There are a handful of things we can plan for lifestyle portrait sessions – location, wardrobe, even events for you and […]

Windy City Wandering

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I spent a little bit of time downtown near the magnificent mile yesterday evening, focused on capturing a few images of Water Tower Place and the surrounding area.  Despite the cold, it was a lovely night to be out on the streets of Chicago.  As Oyster.com is in the midst of testing freelancers, there were plenty of other photographers around, which is always nice, and I ran into a few people outside of polling stations who managed to stay in […]