Back to Nature


For a good portion of my childhood, I lived in rural Wisconsin.  Our family home was on 40 acres of land, and my formative years were spent picking apples, climbing trees, and running through fields.  Since moving down to the Chicago suburbs in 2004, the one thing that’s kept me connected to those wild roots are the beautiful forest preserves in Cook and the surrounding counties. In early October, I look forward to participating in the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature […]

What’s in a Name?

Blueverve Studio

So, you may be wondering, “why the name Blueverve Studio?” If so, don’t worry, you’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. Blueverve is a handle that I’ve been operating under for many years now, so it only seemed natural to continue that tradition when naming my studio.  However, not being one to just slap a name on something simply because it’s easy, I deliberated over using Blueverve for quite some time. I brainstormed other names – […]


When Logan, father to be, reached out to me earlier this summer in hopes of having some maternity photos taken with his lovely wife Erika, I was happy to do the honors.  These two parents to be are some of the most kind and inviting people out there.  I’m so excited for them to meet their little guy – hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to photograph him a few times as well.  In the meantime, I know the whole family (including his canine […]

Are you a tattoo enthusiast?

Do you have great tattoos?  If so, I’d love to photograph you and your ink! This is an open casting call. I’m excited to announce that beginning in mid-August, I’ll be working on an editorial piece for an online/print publication featuring tattoo enthusiasts. I’m looking for a variety of people with a variety of ink styles, interest levels, and histories – not just models.  Ideal candidates will be open to sharing some of their personal experiences with the art of tattooing – what has inspired […]

Strength, Beauty, and Courage


I’ve always believed that women have a strength that runs deep, often under the surface, in waiting until life gives us cause to draw upon it.  Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have high regard for male strength as well – because I do – but men and women carry their strengths differently.  Because of this, it seems to me that the most beautiful women – whether they be traditionally so, or simply the type of women that possess some often intangible, yet undeniable spark of charisma […]

Year Two and a Baby Brother!


Earlier this month I shared how much I was looking forward to photographing one of my favorite young families for the second year in a row (if you missed it, read that post HERE).  Well, as I had hoped, the photo shoot was a lot of fun and produced some beautiful, memorable images. Anthony and Sara are great parents – intelligent and caring folk, who have a sense of humor about life and raising children that I find really endearing.  As happens with toddlers […]

Struck by Lightning


This evening I ventured out to find a few props for an upcoming photo shoot.  I managed to make it all the way to and inside of my local Goodwill before the skies opened up in a torrential rain.  However, luck was not with me when it came time to leave.  As I ran to my car, I attempted to dodge raindrops, but quickly discovered that to be a tough task when the raindrops turned out to be more akin to […]

Lombard’s Hidden Gem

These past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting one of Lombard’s most scenic springtime attractions, Lilacia Park.  Most recently I met up there with my mom to celebrate my birthday and was sad to see that most of the blooms were on their way out.  Luckily, just a few weeks prior, I had the chance to make it to the secluded lilac haven.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the uplifting (and for me, somewhat nostalgic) scent of […]

Looking Back

This weekend I’m excited to have the privilege of photographing a wonderful family for a second annual session.  Sara, Anthony, and their son Niko were one of my families to photograph last year.  They are a bright and fun family, willing to relax and play a bit in front of the camera.  We took photos to commemorate Niko’s first birthday last year, and this year I’ll be heading back to their home to photograph him for year two!  But it’s not just about Niko […]