Professional Business Headshot, Male, Man, Lake Geneva, Wheaton, Lisle

Professional Headshots: Building Trust Through Imagery

Having a professional headshot taken goes a step above and beyond when it comes to furthering your personal branding, which in turn, builds trust and a level of respect between your online presence and potential clients and customers. You are showing your client that their first impression matters to you, a gesture from which they will garner a quiet, comforting level of respect for you. Recently, I had the great pleasure of photographing Dave, who was looking to give his […]

Jen Schildgen, Portrait Photographer, BlueVerve Studio

Headshots And Branding Are Crucial

Those of you who know me or follow along regularly here at BlueVerve Studio probably know that in addition to photography, I still do a lot of work as an artist, both in the digital and traditional sense. One of the services I offer as an artist is web design, and without a doubt, one of the most crucial aspects of web design and online presence these days is branding with imagery. Whether you’re an individual providing a service, a […]

Wedding Party, Autumn Wedding, Lords Park Pavilion, Elgin, IL

A Lovely Autumn Wedding | Wedding and Event Photography

Last weekend, as autumn leaves swirled about on crisp, clean breezes, and sunshine warmed the interior of Lords Park Pavilion, two of my favorite people awoke among friends, and prepared to marry one another. It was a day that their community of loved ones had long awaited. A day that the happy couple had planned almost entirely on their own, but was filled with the help of many close, helping hands. And as for atmosphere, it could not have been a more […]


Yoga Seva Website | Commercial Photography and Headshots

One of the more rewarding aspects of being a photographer is being able to provide other small businesses the imagery they need to promote their staff and services. On the surface, commercial photography and headshots may not seem the most glamorous of services, but seeing the value they provide makes them hugely worthwhile. Not to mention, the wide array of truly unique and wonderful people I get to meet in the process. Each company out there has a culture, and […]


Sunny Summer Portrait | Lifestyle Photography

One of the interesting phenomenons I’ve encountered as a photographer is the perception some men have regarding portraits. They value nice images, have the desire to be professionally photographed, but feel conflicted because they’re afraid that having portraits taken might be seen as an indulgence reserved for women, teens, couples, or families. However, I can happily say that each of the guys I’ve photographed for solo portrait sessions have been pleasantly surprised by how fun the experience can be, even though it […]


Wandering With Friends | Lifestyle Photography

When I’m not out photographing clients, editing photos, or writing, I’m often outdoors, enjoying nature’s brilliance. From time to time, I do so with my camera in tow. (Okay, most times I have my camera in tow.) And while I thoroughly enjoy solitude and focus quite a bit of energy on nature photography, walking around outside in the company of good friends is more than enough to make my day. This past Sunday encompassed just that. Two good friends and I took […]


The Best Place To Be Is In A Loving Family | Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Session

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and as you may have noticed, the site is in the midst of undergoing some changes. But, if you’re here reading despite that, I’m grateful, and I promise, more good things are soon to come. In the meantime, I’m excited to share some of the images from a recent newborn lifestyle portrait session. And, on some level it’s poetic, because not only are these the images from the winners of the newborn lifestyle […]

One Year Old Birthday Boy Portraits, Cake Smash, blue and green balloons, Lisle, IL

First Birthday Cake Smash!

What better way to celebrate a first birthday and capture one year old portraits than with a cake smash? Of course, I’m usually more of an ice cream girl than a cake girl, but when it comes to birthdays, cake is king. And when my friends and past clients told me they were interested in including a cake smash in their 1 year old son’s portrait session, I was all in. Not only are Bob and Diana great parents and a […]

Modern Glamour Portraits, Lisle, IL, Redhead

Modern Glamour Portraits

March has regularly been an interesting month for me, and March of 2015 has been no different. This year, professionally speaking, March came in like a lamb and left like a lion – a glorious, action packed lion that gave me and my camera creative butterflies. I am so grateful! If you’ve been following me in Social Media, you’ll have noticed some really lovely portraits peppering my feed of late. That’s because one of the shoots that brightened up the […]