Lake Geneva Cruise Line Summer Wedding | Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva Wedding

Frances and Pat first connected over music, a shared passion, as they’re both audiophiles, and Pat is a sax player. He was immediately impressed by her audio engineering skills, and their bond continued to grow with a shared…

Introducing Lake Geneva Picnic Sessions | Lake Geneva, WI

Picnic Sessions with BlueVerve Studio and Parker Drive, Lilypots, Fork

Looking for an amazing way to propose? Want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or, simply looking for a unique date night you’ll never forget?  Our Lake Geneva Picnic Sessions are the perfect way to combine a great date with relaxed, playful photoshoot. Enjoy a beautiful charcuterie picnic, designed and set up by our friends Parker Drive, Lillypots, and Fork It Grazing.  Begin with an adorable, intimate photoshoot, then enjoy your picnic at your leisure! Available Tuesday-Friday. Total experience, including Picnic […]

Spring Mini-Sessions 2022

Spring Mini-Sessions

It’s officially gorgeous here in the Lake Geneva area, and that means we’re ready for Spring Mini-Sessions! If you’re looking for family portraits, thinking of celebrating an anniversary with a couples session, planning a surprise proposal, or want to congratulate a recent graduate, Spring Mini-Sessions are a great way to capture this season of your life. They’re also perfect for building up your imagery for branding, social media, and just to create something beautiful and artistic! Sessions are 35 minutes […]



Behind the scenes, I’ve spent the past 3 years gardening…

The Welcome Hush of Winter | Fog in Fontana, WI

foggy autumn morning in Fontana, WI

Tuesday morning began with a touch of magic.

A thick veil of fog enshrouded the Geneva Lake area, and as Andy and I rose and drove to one of our favorite local coffee shops, I found myself delighted by the shifting light.

Love and Academia | UW Madison Engagement Session

Romantic engagement session

From the very first time we spoke, Anna and I definitely hit it off. And I have to say, one of the most beautiful parts of photographing weddings, for me, has been getting to know our brides, seeing the amazing women that they are, and then meeting (usually a little later), their other half. It’s like putting together a puzzle, and finally watching the full picture unfold, right before your eyes. With Anna and Jon, it has always been a […]

Rime Ice

Wisconsin countryside covered in hoarfrost

For many of us, winter is a time of shutting in and shutting down. Of enjoying only those things that can be held within the comfort of our walls, while surrounded by heat and a golden tungsten (or, in many cases these days, LED) glow. But if we’re lucky (and already, so soon into 2021, we have been), nature reminds us that even in the depth of winter, there is beauty to be explored.

All The Small Things

Hobbes, Snuggles with Plant

While the world pauses, waiting for what might unfold next, many of us find ourselves steeped in the familiar. Stranded in the places we’ve made our own — our castles, our keeps, our hovels, our homes…