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Hey! I'm Jen...

Jen Schildgen BlueVerve Studio Lead Photographer and Owner

I’m the star gazing, belly dancing, singing in the car lead photographer, editor, and owner of BlueVerve Studio. A creative through and through, I spend my spare time writing, sketching, and snuggling with my two fur babies, Cali and Hobbes. Also a certified energetic life coach, I enjoy helping others create lives they feel deeply inspired by and connected to. I’m equal parts romantic and pragmatic, and nearly incapable of saying no to pie.

I'm Andy...

Part musician/songwriter, part photographer, I’m a 2nd photographer and photo caddy here at BlueVerve Studio. You can count on me for comedic relief and a reminder to take your cell phone out of your pocket for portraits!

And I'm Hannah...

Hannah - Associate Photographer

Hannah stepped in as a 2nd photographer and videographer for BlueVerve Studio in 2020, and we’ve been so thrilled to have her as an addition to the team! She’s kind, thoughtful, and always happy to lend a hand to make your big day go smoothly.

"I think as photographers, it's our responsibility to genuinely reflect what makes people shine.
We're like little mirrors, catching light and bouncing back memories." — Jen

Ask me anything...

What’s your favorite time of day?

I’m definitely more of a night owl. I love sunsets, and working late into the night. I’m actually most productive from about 9pm – 2am.

I dig editing in my pajamas. 😏

Jen Schildgen Headshot


Who’s your biggest photographic inspiration?

Ansel Adams. Hands down. Some of the light in his work seriously makes me want to cry. In the best of ways.

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Cats or Dogs?

This is NOT a question.



What’s your favorite part of photography?

Photographs are the LEGACY we leave behind, from our wedding photos to the images we have taken to celebrate our changing lives and simple mementos.  They are art, they are stories, and they are what we will recall when we sit with those we love, years from today, recounting the dearest times of our lives. So being a part of those stories is pretty great. Photography has also allowed me to experience incredible things, that I probably wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

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Where can we find you on a day off?

Camping and hiking!

When I’m not outside, walking or enjoying nature, I’m definitely a coffee house/bookshop person. I’m getting back to painting more again, and love any excuse to dance or sing. I’m also an energetic life coach and podcaster, so I spend my spare time in those arenas.

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What’s with the blue hair?

Eh, I change my hair a lot. I always have. *shrugs*

It’s a little piece of how I express myself, I guess.

You know, like a lady version of that horse of a different color in The Wizard of Oz

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