The Best Place To Be Is In A Loving Family | Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Session

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and as you may have noticed, the site is in the midst of undergoing some changes. But, if you’re here reading despite that, I’m grateful, and I promise, more good things are soon to come.

In the meantime, I’m excited to share some of the images from a recent newborn lifestyle portrait session. And, on some level it’s poetic, because not only are these the images from the winners of the newborn lifestyle contest I ran earlier this year, but they’re also the very same family that was featured in my last blog post. Funny how that worked out, huh?

Well, momma Bini was pregnant when last I photographed her eldest son in celebration of his first birthday (we had a rather adorable cake smash session), and just a few weeks ago, the family welcomed their newest addition, little Miles. Of course, I couldn’t have been happier that they won the contest, because beyond being wonderful clients, they’re kind friends, and a really lovely family. As I made my way to their home to spend the afternoon photographing them enjoying Miles’ first weeks of life, I knew I was in for a heartwarming experience.


Of course, upon meeting little Miles, I was pretty taken with how sweet he was. He had a lot of personality already, for such a little guy.



Having just had a big meal, Miles was an adorable mix of curious, playful (for a 14 day old), and of course, the ever constant sleepy that little dudes have to fight through in their early days of existence.


After a while, it became clear he wanted to stay awake, so we ventured downstairs for some family fun, and so he could land a front row seat for the day’s main event: dad and big bro wrestling.



After all of that excitement, big brother Owen, and Miles were both a little tired.


So, while everyone enjoyed a few moments of peace, I captured some details. Because we all know baby fingers and toes are undeniably precious.



While Miles snoozed, his family showed him a little love.


With all of the smiles, giggles, patience, and snuggles I witnessed that afternoon, I have to say, little Miles, and his big brother Owen are pretty lucky.


There’s a whole lot of love in their household, and without a doubt, the best place to be is in a loving family.


Thanks for reading!



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