Year Two and a Baby Brother!

Earlier this month I shared how much I was looking forward to photographing one of my favorite young families for the second year in a row (if you missed it, read that post HERE).  Well, as I had hoped, the photo shoot was a lot of fun and produced some beautiful, memorable images.

Anthony and Sara are great parents – intelligent and caring folk, who have a sense of humor about life and raising children that I find really endearing.  As happens with toddlers and infants, there were a few moments of unpredictability during the family’s first initial moments in front of the camera.  Niko was full of two year old energy – rambunctiously attempting to take down his dad from above – and Elijah (bless his little heart, he’s still trying to figure out the finer points of sleeping regularly at night) started the afternoon out in a bit of grumpy mood.  But what was truly beautiful about the afternoon was how Anthony and Sara were able to relax and laugh off the momentary chaos, taking the attitude that this was just photo evidence to show their future teenage boys how much of a handful they could be as youngsters.  And what parent doesn’t want that sort of proof?

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In no time at all, the boys settled down, and we were able to capture some really endearing moments.  These are a few of my personal favorites:


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I’m so very grateful I was able to be a part of preserving these early years for Sara, Anthony, Niko, and Elijah.  These adorable little boys are sure to grow up to be great young men – they’re clearly surrounded by lots of love!


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