Holiday Portraits

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s a whole lot of anticipation in the air these days. I for one am excited to spend some quality time with both sides of my family, as well as Tyler’s. This time of year, family and friends seem even more important.  Although I definitely feel we should appreciate our loved ones year round, I think this time of year many of us slow down, appraise our blessings, and give thanks to the people we love most.

This is also the perfect time of year to celebrate the changes and newcomers to our lives.

I had the great pleasure of getting to see some old friends this past week – with the added bonus of meeting their newest family member for the first time. In preparation for the holidays, Bob and Diana set up a portrait session for little Owen’s first Christmas. We had a really fun time – mom and dad got a chance to be goofy in front of their little man, and Owen graced us all with some truly brilliant smiles and giggles – plus a bit of glittery holiday drool.




When all was said and done, I was reminded yet again that the best part of being a portrait photographer is having the opportunity to make and share memories. I am so glad to offer families a way to look back on their years, to remember their triumphs and changing lives, and to include friends and relatives in that progress – even if they don’t live close by.

I hope that all of you will be with family and friends this Thanksgiving and during the upcoming holidays as well. Here’s to our loved ones, our joys, and the strength we gain with the passing of each year.  Happy Thanksgiving from Jen and Tyler at Blueverve Studio!

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