Jen - Lead Photographer/Owner

Jen Schildgen, image by C.MaeDesign
Photo Credit: The incredible C.Mae Design Team!

Hi, I'm Jen.


Capturing gentle moments and true beauty is my passion. Whether that's creating stunning imagery, genuine portraits, or unique landscapes. Of course, I also love singing, exploring nature, baking pies, and enjoying good wine, among other things. In my spare time I write poetry, novels, and dabble with the guitar.

In short, I wear many hats, and I like it that way, because life is about experience.

 When I was young, one of my favorite past times was enlarging negatives in the darkroom of my dad's print shop. Growing up loving the mystery of a darkroom left its mark on me, and from early on, I've cherished the way looking at the world through a camera lens halts time.

It took me a while to realize that photography was more than just a hobby for me.  I've spent years working as a digital artist - making arcade games (you can find me in the credits of Big Buck Hunter, Aliens, Barrel of Monkeys, Kung Fu Panda, and more), designing marketing and advertising pieces, and helping companies and clients alike present an image that represents their best qualities.

A few years ago, my grandmother began showing signs of Alzheimer's disease.  She was the woman who taught me to paint, to love the mountains, and to admire nature for its wild beauty.  Learning these past years how fleeting life can be, how quickly our realities can change, I realized how crucial it is to preserve the moments we cherish now.

My photography clients all have one thing in common — they understand that our portraits are not just for us.  Portraits are for our lovers.  They are for our children and grandchildren.  Photographs are the LEGACY we leave behind, from our wedding photos to the images we have taken to celebrate our changing lives and simple mementos.  They are art, they are stories, and they are what we will recall when we sit with those we love, years from today, recounting the dearest times of our lives.


A Few of My Favorite Things...

Rocky Mountain National Park, nature photography, Colorado, Jen Schildgen photographer
Lazy Hobbes, pet photography
Pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie. Make and taken by Jen Schildgen
Sunrise on the Lake, Nature Photography by Jen Schildgen, Palmyra, WI

"For me, photography is about blending creativity and technical skill to create images that are both honest and inspiring.

Whether I'm photographing people, artistic concepts, or nature, my goal is the same - to capture the moments that make memories, and to create art from the everyday.

It's also about taking the time to play. To relax, and let the moment unfold."

— Jen

Andy - 2nd Photographer/Assistant

Andy Spitson, Image by Jen Schildgen
Photo Credit: Jen Schildgen

Hi, I'm Andy.

I'm a Musician. And, when I'm not writing music or performing, life has turned me into a PHOTOGRAPHER. Surprise! (I can't say I saw that coming.)

Together, Jen and I make one of those goofy couples that happen to work pretty darn well together, and we love working with people to create great images. 

I wear many hats too, but I have far fewer shoes than Jen. 😉

Favorite Time of Day: Mornings

My Favorite Food: Fresh fruit, but I drink more coffee than I should.

How I spend my free time: Playing guitar, bass, drums, performing live, writing music, woodworking, and reading.

Thoughts on Cats: 13 months ago, I'd have said they suck. I've been converted.

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing Boggle.

 I think photography is an exciting art form to capture life's stories. When I'm behind the lens, I'm always aiming to get great candid shots - the sort of stuff that shows real emotion and action. That's what draws me in and excites me, especially on wedding days.